Customer First : We always understand clients requirement better and check each process minutely to proceed merchandise and quality control based on buyer’s requirement.

Professionalism : We made the foundation of our business that consist of providing top professional services in the market with expertise team with uncompromising integrity. We do not trade, broker, or sell merchandise to clients.  We provide a wholly transparent logistics framework that formed the foundation of long term sourcing partnerships.

Process Oriented : We set up the process of merchandising and quality control to meet client’s requirement minutely to proceed step by step. We provide various process check list and report to internalize the capability of developing detailed oriented merchandise and quality control to maintain the consistency of quality.

Factory Network : We have diverse but close related factories where the factory can work for you at 100% commitment. This is very important especially when we produce the handicraft items where there are no processes of automation but we would need to check each step manually to ensure that there is no pitfall at any point of production process.